aire80 bed weight capacity is 600 lbs!
The little details that matter!
The Aire80 bed weight capacity is easily rated for 600 lbs!
  • Pole support brackets are welded to the frame all around the bracket. No screws.
  • 1/4″ stainless steel push pin that holds firmly the pole in the bracket.
  • 6″ lanyards are secured to the support pole by an aluminum rivet. Stops the push pins from walking away.
  • 1″ aluminum square tube support pole.
  • Support bracket on the bed is secured using two 3/16″ wide head stainless steel rivets. Why stainless steel rivet in lieu of aluminum rivets? The stainless steel rivets have over X5 pull and hold strength! Guarantees no rivet failure. 💪
Every aspect of the VIDA Aire tent campers have been designed with purpose.


aire80 bed support brackets are welded to frame.

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